About Us

Tens2u specialises in TENS therapy products and aims to offer you the best TENS pain relief products at the keenest prices.

Best Products
Tens2u only sells recognised brands which enables you to obtain all the information on the products that you require before placing your order with us. You'll see from the Popular Products listing that our range is headed up by the MamaTENS maternity TENS machine, which is recognised as the best maternity TENS unit available as well as TensCare's Touch TENS the best value unit for general TENS pain relief.

Best Prices
How do we keep our prices so low? The answer is simple. Our sales volume lets us negotiate the lowest possible prices from our suppliers, normally the manufacturers themselves. We also minimise our overheads with automation. Orders taken at this website are sent straight to our suppliers electronically, for them to deliver to you directly. Our suppliers also carry the stock so we don't have to, which all helps to keep our staffing level down to the absolute minimum.

Buy with Confidence
Our service is guaranteed by the manufacturers who deliver the products we offer,  whether it be in respect of our rental services or any of the products we offer for purchase.

All of our products are sourced in the UK for sale/rental to the UK market.

Contacting Tens2u
We operate on a self-service approach to keep our costs low and to give you the best possible prices. We strive to give you the information you need to make a purchase through the website itself and cannot offer any pre-sales assistance by telephone or email.

When you place an order with us, you will receive an order confirmation email, providing you with contact details for enquiries relating to the order and other after-sales assistance.