Q: Which TENS model should I buy?

All types of pain, other than some types of deep internal pain, can be relieved with TENS.

Most of our TENS units are suitable for any type of pain. Some units include facilities and programmes that that are focussed towards relief of more specific ailments. Other differences between units are the ease of use, and the number of choices of settings available.

Analogue units are controlled with rotary knobs. These can be sensitive, complicated, and difficult to set accurately, but have a continuous range of settings.

Digital units have a more predictable push button control, displays that confirm settings in use and can have a memory and preset programmes.

Preset Programmes are much simpler to use and work for most people, but may limit the choices of settings. Everyone's nervous system is different, and some people get better results by adjusting the settings - and the sensations they cause - until they find the one that suits them best.

Maternity TENS units have a special button to give a boost to output during each contraction. During childbirth, you do not want to be constantly adjusting the controls. Standard TENS units are NOT suitable for labour pain

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