General Pain Relief using TENS

Q: Where do I put the electrodes?

Electrodes are usually first placed where the greatest pain is felt or on (major) acupuncture points. Try different positions until you find the best for you.

Most machines include advice on electrode placement for relevant conditions within their instruction manuals.

Dual channel machines also normally permit use of a single channel where use of only one pair of the electrodes is required.

Try to establish which of the paired positions bring you the greatest relief. Also, try moving the electrodes short distances to establish the positions that are most effective.

For those symptoms that are not illustrated in instruction manuals, apply the electrodes around the source of the pain or seek advice from your medical adviser.

Another method of placing electrodes is by DERMATOMES – The nerves from each vertebra in the spine cover a particular part of the body. Stimulating with TENS anywhere in this area, will counter pain generated in the same area


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