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Q: How should I remove and store electrodes?

Remember to turn off the TENS/EMS unit before removing the electrodes

Do not peel off by pulling on the electrode wire as this can break the wire.


Electrodes are water-based and may dry out. Between uses they should be stored on the plastic shield in their resealable bag and kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Dried-out Electrodes
If the electrode gel becomes dry, either spray the gel with a fine mist of water, or apply a drop of water to the gel and spread around with fingertip. Leave the electrode for about 10 minutes until it recovers its tackiness.

Over-wet Electrodes
If the electrode gel becomes too soft and sticky, place the electrode in a refrigerator for a few hours, sticky side up.

Electrode Life
The life of an electrode varies depending on skin conditions and skin preparation. Electrodes should last about 30 applications.

If your TENS/EMS machine is not working properly the problem is often due to the battery or the leads.

Are the batteries new?
Are they installed correctly?
Are all contacts touching?
Are the contacts clean of corrosion?
Are the lead wires properly connected at both ends?
Have you applied both electrodes (per lead wire) to ensure a complete circuit?

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