Q: Where should I place the electrode pads?

Placement of Pads

Electrode placement for electrical muscle stimulation is very important for obtaining the best results. It is often easiest to activate muscles by stimulating the motor nerve.

Usually the bipolar technique is used, in which two electrodes are placed over the bulk of the muscle, with one electrode over the muscle's motor point. With stimulation with asymmetrical biphasic pulse the active electrode (black pin) is placed over the motor point. The motor point is the area on the skin that is located closest to the motor nerve's entry into the muscle. Here it is easiest to trigger a contraction by electrical stimulation.

The cleanest and, for the patient, the most comfortable contractions are obtained most easily if the motor point is localized. Work with movable electrodes to find motor points. A motor point map can be helpful in localizing motor points.

Move the electrode across the skin and locate the point over the muscle that gives the cleanest contraction

Large muscle groups may require stimulation with two channels, that is, four electrodes simultaneously.


Care of Pads
Electrode pads are self-adhesive and can be used several times. Skin must be allowed to breathe therefore the pads should be removed periodically. When not in use the pads should be returned to the pad holder.

The condition of the pads does effect the conductivity and, therefore, the performance of the unit. When the pads initially lose their adhesive quality, it is possible to reactivate their adhesiveness by applying a fine spray of water. Once the pads have finally lost their adhesive quality, replacement electrodes in packs of four can be purchased from us

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