MamaTENS my time Hire

MamaTENS my time Hire
Hire the next generation of the UK's most popular maternity TENS machine
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Product Description

  • Drug-free TENS pain relief for childbirth
  • 4-week rental period
  • 2-weeks extra free, if needed
  • 3 preset programmes
  • Easy to use button controls
  • Integral booster button
  • Unique "Ramp" facility
  • Comfort strength control
  • Neck cord and belt clip
  • Includes batteries and pads
  • Pre-paid return packaging

Next Generation Maternity TENS machine
The new MamaTENS my time maternity TENS unit offers all of the advantages of the original MamaTENS together with a range of unique and advanced features: including a Contraction Timer, Labour Log, Pad Alarm and Active Power Ramp.

Contraction Timer and Labour Log
Unique to the MamaTENS my time unit, mum-to-be and midwife and can monitor contraction intervals and duration as well as the length of time in labour.

Active Power Ramp
Pressing a button on the side of the machine will activate the "Brief Intense TENS" mechanism, increasing intensity beyond normal settings to help counter extreme pain.

Pad Alarm
Another unique feature of this machine is the Pad Alarm. The unit will flash an alert to the mum-to-be If contact of any of the 4 electrode pads is lost or below standard.

Reserve Today
Place your order today and the MamaTENS my time machine will be reserved  and later sent to arrive with you at 37 weeks (3 weeks before your due date). You will be asked for your due date during checkout.

The standard hire period is 4 weeks, but if you notify MamaTENS before the end of this period, you get a further 2 weeks at no extra cost.

The hire service is operated by MamaTENS and your order will be passed to them directly for processing. (This is not the rental voucher scheme offered by some other retailers, so there is nothing else to do once the order is made!)

What's in the Rental Pack?
The MamaTENS rental pack includes everything you will need:

  • MamaTENS my time unit
  • Batteries + a spare set of batteries
  • 4 maternity electrode pads
  • Belt clip
  • Neck cord
  • Pictorial guide
  • Instruction manual
  • Leatherette pouch to keep it all in!
  • Pre-paid packaging for return

Advantages of TENS
TENS has a reputation as one of the safest, most effective forms of modern pain relief available to women during childbirth.

  • Natural
  • Completely safe
  • Easy to use
  • Non-invasive
  • Drug-free, so without side-effects
  • Small & portable

Recommended by midwives as part of your birth plan, the treatment allows you to experience a mobile, drug-free labour, with personal control over your pain relief. An essential addition fo your hospital bag.

Information Downloads

Downloadable PDF document MamaTENS my time Instruction Manual