Ova Plus

Ova Plus
Drug-free period pain relief from a tiny TENS unit
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Product Description

  • Small & discreet
  • Digital TENS unit
  • Simple 3-button control
  • 3 preset clinically proven programmes

Ova Plus has been designed specifically to provide relief from period pains (Dysmenorrhea). The tiny size of this TENS unit (3.8 x 6.5 x 0.9cm) allows it to be kept in the handbag or worn discreetly under clothes.

Ova Plus is supplied with a storage pouch and with special large electrode pads to make sure the entire abdomen gets coverage. The pads can also be used on your back, if backache is your biggest problem. Endometriosis sufferers also feel that Ova Plus takes the edge off the pain and makes life more tolerable. The Ova Plus TENS unit can also help with cramps if used the day before cramps are due.

Clinically Proven
Trials carried out using the Ova identified that TENS is very effective at treating period pain with success rates of up to 80%. TENS treatment has no side effects, such as nausea and drowsiness associated with analgesia commonly used to control the pain. The Ova Plus unit is medically approved.

Quality of Life
Period pain can be a real problem, having a serious impact on quality of life leading to absences from work or school. Using the Ova Plus is a completely natural drug-free form of period pain relief. It is small in size and is convenient to wear all day; enabling women to continue with their daily lives.

Pack Contents
Ova Plus period pain relief unit
2 electrode pads (90 x 50mm)
Lead wire for electrodes
USB charging cable (X-OVAUSB)
Belt clip
Storage puch
Instruction manual