TensCare itouch sure

TensCare itouch sure
Pelvic Floor Exerciser to help regain control of your continence and be free to live an active life
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Product Description

  • Treat Stress, Urge and Mixed Incontinence
  • Regain continence and be free to live an active life
  • 4 clinically proven programmes
  • Improve sexual intimacy
  • Also for Faecal Incontinence (extra probe required)
  • 2 year guarantee

The itouch sure is TensCare's next generation pelvic floor exerciser. A newly designed digitial TENS machine with advanced programmes that improve upon the performance of their hugely successful Contisure and MamaSure pelvic floor exercisers for post-natal incontinence. The itouch sure includes unique new features and simplifies usage to assist  the treatment of many types of female and male incontinence.

Comfortable Stimulation
The strength of the stimulation increases gradually, making the feeling very comfortable and in your control.

Easy Start - One Touch Memory
The itouch SURE has intelligent memory that enables the unit to remember the last programme and the strength setting used.  At the press of only one button the strength level returns to 75% of the last level used.

Clinically Tested Programmes
The programmes which have been preset into the unit have been clinically tested and proven to be highly effective.

Safety Duration Override
A safety override feature has been incorporated into the itouch sure to ensure that the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked. This is set at 20 minutes, after which time the unit will switch off automatically. It is possible to alter the time in order to customise the unit to your needs.

Usage Memory 
The itouch sure's usage memory facility shows the length of time that the unit has been in use and the average level of strength utilised.

The itouch sure comes complete with a discreet tampon shaped vaginal probe for the exercise of the pelvic floor muscle. Other shapes and sizes of probe are available (see Parts & Accessories). Anal probes are also available for the treatment of faecal incontinence.

How Continence Stimulation Works
The itouch sure, through a vaginal probe or pads, sends a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscle using clinically recognised programmes, developed from considerable research and consultation with continence advisors. The itouch sure works the pelvic floor muscles for you and helps you to develop your own muscle control, perfectly complementing kegel and pelvic floor exercises. Just 20 minutes use per day usually results in improved continence within 2 - 4 weeks. Having restored your pelvic floor muscles to an excellent condition the "tone" programme used once or twice a week will help to keep them strong and toned.

It is also possible to treat faecal incontinence in both males and females using an anal probe. If in doubt over the nature of your incontinence or suitable treatments consult your physician or continence adviser.

Sexual Health
Weakness of the pelvic floor muscles in women can adversely affect the ability to orgasm. They may have become weakened or stretched as a result of childbirth or over a long period of time through ageing where the slow deterioration of sexual satisfaction has been harder to notice. Improving the condition of the pelvic floor will increase blood flow, ease arousal and swelling of the clitoris. A tighter vaginal embrace can also be achieved which greatly increases stimulation for both partners during sexual intercourse, frequently leading to longer, more intense orgasms and rediscovery of lost sensations.

Pack Contents

itouch sure continence stimulator
Liberty vaginal probe (X-VP)
Belt cradle
Lead wire
2 x 1.5V AA (LR6) batteries
Instruction booklet
Transit pouch


Information Downloads

Downloadable PDF document itouch sure Instruction Manual

Parts & Accessories


Liberty Vaginal Electrode

Liberty Vaginal Electrode

Vaginal electrode probe. Ideal for use with itouch sure during pelvic floor exercise

Anal Probe

Anal Probe

Slim probe with adjustable depth. Ideal for use with itouch sure during pelvic floor exercise

CM5050 Square Electrode Pads (12 pack)

CM5050 Square Electrode Pads (12 pack)

Replacement 50mm square electrode pads for most standard TENS, EMS & Interferential units



Hypoallergenic Electrode Pads (12 pack)

Hypoallergenic Electrode Pads (12 pack)

Specially formulated allergy friendly 50mm square Blue Gel electrode pads for sensitive skin

CM50100 Large Electrode Pads (12 pack)

CM50100 Large Electrode Pads (12 pack)

Replacement 50x100mm electrode pads for most standard TENS and EMS units

CM25 Circular Electrode Pads (30 pack)

CM25 Circular Electrode Pads (30 pack)

Replacement 25mm circular electrode pads for most standard TENS and EMS units