Advanced therapy to reduce leg swelling and pain associated with pregnancy and venous disorders
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Product Description

  • Combined NMES & TENS therapy
  • Reduce leg swelling & varicose vein pain
  • Improves blood return
  • Reduce risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Relieves pregnancy-related venous disorders
  • Heals venous leg ulcers

Veinoplus offers a clinically proven combination therapy using NMES and TENS electrostimulation as a highly effective and well tolerated treatment of lower limb venous insufficiency related symptoms.

How Veinoplus Works
The Veinoplus works by delivering safe, low frequency, low voltage electrical pulses to stimulate calf muscle contractions which in turn compress deep veins and pump blood up the legs. Natural calf muscle pumping is sometimes considered the body's second heart, doing as much as 80% of the work required to return blood back towards the heart against the effects of gravity.

A 20-minute treatment program with Veinoplus offers calf-pumping benefits similar to that of a brisk half-hour walk, assisting blood return from superficial and deep veins of the lower limbs, and reducing venous stasis (slow blood flow) and risk of clotting (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Veinoplus vs. "PROP" (Pressure, Reflux, Oedema, Pain)
Pressure : The pumping of a 20-minute treatment programme dramatically lowers the venous volume thus reducing venous hypertension. Venous hypertension is recognised as the essential cause of venous disease.

Reflux : Venous Reflux (sometimes called Venous Insufficiency) is the backward flow of the blood returning up to the heart caused by failure of tiny valves in the veins, commonly leading to varicose veins. Veinoplus helps to inhibit reflux in superficial and deep veins.

Oedema : Veinoplus' action to improve blood circulation can reduce lower limb Oedema (fluid retention) frequently associated with immobility, pregnancy and varicose veins.

Pain : Restoration of blood flow together with TENS therapy promoting the body's release of endorphins provides immediate and long-lasting pain relief and improves quality of life.

Veinoplus also proves helpful in the healing of venous leg ulcers, a condition that affects 2% of people at some stage, and is caused by increased pressure in the veins of the lower leg.

Easy to Use
Operation of the Veinoplus is extremely simple. Just attach the electrodes to the calf as shown in the manual, switch on, then use the "+" button to increase intensity or "-" to reduce it again. The unit automatically switches off after 20 minutes or can be switched off earlier.

An LCD display indicates the programme's remaining time, intensity, muscle pumping pulses, battery status and the number of times used.

When to Use Veinoplus
Use of Veinoplus is recommended:

  • Daily, whilst there is pain or swelling in the legs. As there is no risk of over use, it can be used more frequently.
  • To reduce pain or swelling from prolonged immobility (travel, office work, inability to exercise)
  • During or within 7 days of air travel.
  • During 6 weeks after surgery (subject to doctor's advice and approval)
  • During pregnancy: A French study of pregnancy related venous disorders in 2008 showed Veinoplus reduces ankle oedema (27%), leg pain (48%) and general tiredness (27%)

When Not to Use Veinoplus
Consult your doctor before using Veinoplus if you suffer any of the following conditions: Acute Venous Thrombosis; tendency to bleed due to anti-clotting treatments, inflammation, infection, skin lesions or severe varicose veins of the calf.

Do not use whilst driving or if you are fitted with a pacemaker. Stimulation should not be applied on or near cancerous lesions.


Pack Contents
Veinoplus unit
1x 9V Battery (PP3)
1x Lead wire
2x Electrode pads
Instruction manual
Veinoplus Pack Contents



  • Waveform: Rectangular monopolar voltage. Quasi-symmetrical biphasic AC
  • Intensity: 0-90mA Modulated at 1 - 1.75Hz
  • Frequency: 1 -150Hz
  • Pulse Width: 50 to 240us
  • Preset Programmes: 1 preset
  • Batteries: 1x 9V PP3 (Alkaline)
  • Treatment Timer: 20 minutes


Single preset 20 minute programme.
Four 5-minute phases modulated at: 60, 75, 90 & 150 BPM


Veinoplus was developed by Dr. Jozef Cywinski, an expert in neuromuscular stimulation including pacemakers and other diagnostic/therapeutic stimulators, conducting several researches and teaching at Harvard Medical School and MIT.